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Deep Cleaning

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Alallamc Cleaning service line can provide a complete range of professional cleaning services adapted to the needs of each client.


Deep Cleaning Company in the UAE

Alallam Cleaning Company is a certified provider for professional Deep Cleaning Services for clients' residential and commercial facilities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and all other emirates. Alallam Cleaning has teams of experts in Deep Cleaning for buildings of various sizes and designs, using the latest technologies and effective equipment to do the cleaning at high quality and at competitive rates. Our Deep Cleaning Services includes cleaning floors, windows, and glass facades quickly and professionally using high-tech tools.

Comprehensive Deep Cleaning Services

Indeed, Deep Cleaning Services from Alallam Cleaning in the UAE include cleaning the facility’s doors and furniture in all rooms to ensure complete removal of dust and impurities. In addition to the deep cleaning of carpets, curtains, and mattress to maintain their lustre, cleanliness, and colours, using materials designated for fabrics. Deep Cleaning Services from Alallam Cleaning includes deep and professional cleaning of the clients' kitchens to rid them of all oils and grease sticking to the walls and ceiling. And purifying the kitchen sink, corners, and electrical devices such as a refrigerator, oven, and other any pollutants resulting from cooking and daily use.

Why You Should Select Our Company for House Cleaning?

Our Deep Cleaning teams are also keen to deep clean all bathrooms and toilets using advanced devices and appropriate disinfectants to ensure shine and cleanliness. The specialized Deep Cleaning staff cleans the toilet, bathtub, accessories, mirrors, and all places that are difficult to reach. And because Alallam Cleaning Company seeks to satisfy clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and all other emirates and meet their needs, it provides them with additional services within the deep cleaning service, such as pest control and car parks washing and cleaning interior and exterior ceilings and walls of the building.

Removing Dust & Dirt

  • Removing Dust & Dirt in the UAE

    Dust and dirt existence is one of the major and annoying problems we all suffer in our homes, offices, industrial facilities, and even public places. If dust and dirt are accumulated on surfaces that witness people along the day, they will definitely cause health-related problems and negatively impact their mood. In order to rid your place of dust and dirt, we at Alallam Cleaning Company offer reliable Dust and Dirt Removal Service for our clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, and other emirates. We work hard day and night to improve our Dust and Dirt Removal procedures so that we don’t disturb the facility occupants while cleaning. Our Dust and Dirt Removal staff work really hard and fast to conduct the cleaning process within the specified deadline, as professionally and smoothly as possible.

  • Enjoy Reliable Dust & Dirt Removal Service

    Dust and Dirt Removal Service at Alallam Cleaning starts with an accurate risk assessment and management and training our employees to work in line with the international standards of health and safety. Then they move to gain a general understanding of the facility rooms and furniture to estimate the amount of effort needed and the suitable Dust and Dirt Removal tools and materials for each corner. After that, Dust and Dirt Removal experienced staff at Alallam Cleaning plans and prepares the proper protection supplies and equipment and bring safe options dedicated to remove dust and dirt. Once they determine a convenient date with the client, they harness their long experience and deep knowledge to offer you the most professional, trusted Dust and Dirt Removal Service in the UAE.

    Whenever you want you need a proficient Curtains Cleaning Service in the UAE, Don’t hesitate to contact Alallam Cleaning at any time!

Cleaning & Polishing Marble

  • Cleaning & Polishing Marble Company

    At Alallam Cleaning Company, we offer Cleaning and Polishing Marble Service for our clients in Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and other emirates in the country to meet their marble protection requirements professionally and as expected! Our Cleaning and Polishing Marble teams have years of experience in the field that allow them to deal with all kinds and shapes of marble to fulfil our clients’ varied needs. We supply them with Marble Cleaning and Polishing materials and equipment with sophisticated features to get the best result. Moreover, we at Alallam Cleaning accept no other than marble cleaning and polishing products that are classified as PH neutral. Such stone cleaners are approved to be non-acidic, which means that your marble will remain protected and not easily corroded when it contacts oils and acids.

  • What Steps Our Marble Cleaning and Polishing Experts Follow?

    Marble Cleaning and Polishing experts at Alallam Cleaning follow a multi-stage integrated process to remove hard stains and any sealant sticking hard to your marble. They begin the identifying the space covered by marble inside or outside your facility, depending on your requirements and needs, and then use advanced techniques and safe products to reach a fascinating, high-quality result of Marble Cleaning and Polishing. But our Marble Cleaning and Polishing Service is not yet completed at this point! Rather, our well-trained experts search for any damage of hard stains in order to fix them through the diamond sanding process. It’s known that such a contemporary reserving technique costs too much, but we Alallam Cleaning seek your happiness and satisfaction with our distinguished package of services for our clients in the UAE.


  • Professional Sterilization Service in the UAE

    With our long experience and deep knowledge in the field, we at Alallam Cleaning have been certified to provide professional Sterilization Service for our clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and all other emirates. We have teams of experts who are committed to improving your life quality by offering innovative and comprehensive Sterilization Service for facilities of varied purposes, whether residential, commercial, industrial, etc. Over years, we have approved our credibility and trustworthiness in offering world-class Sterilization Service, and have achieved a good reputation in all emirates in the UAE.

  • Why To Pick Alallam Cleaning Sterilization Services?

    We at Alallam Cleaning Company in the UAE are keen to adopt the latest, state-of-art technologies and tools to conduct the Sterilization Service as expected. Our experts are supplied with the best products to sterilize your facility beyond your expectations! They are equipped with masks, gloved, and the PPE of advanced specifications to ensure they are fully protected and ready to do the mission. Indeed, Alallam Cleaning Sterilization Service in the UAE encompasses cleaning and sterilizing each corner and angle of your house, office, restaurant, and so on. And that’s why you should request the distinguished Sterilization Service at Alallam Cleaning Company whenever needed.

Walls Cleaning

  • Walls Cleaning Service in the UAE

    Unfortunately, most people or business owners don’t really find enough time to pay attention to walls’ cleanliness amid other urgent tasks taking place gradually. And you may be struggling with the same issue or even have never cared about your walls’ condition! But don’t worry, Alallam Cleaning heroes are here to help you. Alallam Cleaning Company offers extraordinary Walls Cleaning Service for its clients in Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and all other emirates. Our Walls Cleaning professionals are competent and feisty to clean the walls of every single room inside your residential or commercial facility, including the walls of sleeping rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, crowded areas, etc. And the Walls Cleaning process is executed by using high-quality cleaning materials and tools and equipment dedicated to this purpose.

  • Are Your Walls 100% Clean?

    You may not be aware that walls tend to entail inevitable marks and smudges resulting from children’s hands, pets’ paws, wet noses, etc. And we at Alallam Cleaning Company in the UAE realizes that this daily direct contact leaves behind dirty prints that would ruin the overall look and cleanliness of your facility. Besides, walls are among the perfect spots for cobwebs, dirt, and dust, precisely in the nonvisible and not easily reachable areas. That’s why you need Alallam Cleaning elaborate Wall Cleaning Service that we happily offer in Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and all other emirates. Our Wall Cleaning teams can deal with all types of wall paints and ready to help you get your walls just like brand new ones at any time.

Mattress Cleaning

  • The Best Mattress Cleaning Company .

    In the UAE, all houses, hotels, and other facilities are supplied with Air Conditioners due to the high heat and humidity. By nature, the indoor air circulation stimulates the presence of pests and other unwanted creatures and makes your mattresses attractive environment for germs and bacteria. From this point, Alallam Cleaning expert Mattress Cleaning teams ate delightful to help you to have mattress free of bacteria, dead skin cells, dust, dirt, and bad smell. At Alallam Cleaning Company, we believe that even the warmest bellow or mattress could be filled with invisible bacteria, germs, and dead skin cells that will definitely put your health in danger of diseases. Thus, we offer professional Mattress Cleaning Services for our clients in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, and other emirates.

  • Professional Mattress Cleaning Service in the UAE

    Alallam Cleaning has an expert team of mattress cleaners who are supplied with all necessary materials, products, and tools to let your mattress not only clean and good-looking but also protect you against hidden, unexpected disease causes. Our Mattress Cleaning Services are provided according to the quality, health, safety, and environment principles set by international organizations. Alallam Cleaning Mattress Cleaning staff are equipped with all chemicals, materials, tools, and devices they may need to reach the best result and make you happy and satisfied with our Mattress Cleaning Services in the UAE. Everything will be done with pre-arrangement with you to accurately determine your requirements, set a convenient Mattress Cleaning schedule, and offer custom cleaning service with high-quality and affordable prices.

A/C Cleaning

  • A/C Cleaning Company in the UAE

    In the hot, dry weather, people in the UAE spend much of their time indoors to avoid the unbearable heat and enjoy the A/C fresh air. The thing that requires intensive, regular cleaning for the indoor area especially for the A/C internal and external parts. Thus, Alallam Cleaning Company provides advanced A/C Cleaning Service for clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all other emirates. We have teams of experts capable of providing distinctive A/C Cleaning Service for commercial and residential sectors. They make great efforts to protect you from all potential diseases tied with the unclean A/C, like Microbial Infections, Allergies, and Asthma.

  • Professional A/C Cleaning Service

    A/C Cleaning experts at Alallam Cleaning can offer you a custom A/C Cleaning Service that fits your demands and requirements to the fullest. We are keen on supplying them with suitable cleaning materials, equipment, and techniques for the mission to be professionally accomplished. Besides, A/C Cleaning Service from Alallam Cleaning in the UAE includes the usage of sophisticated dust and dirt cleaning technology to achieve fascinating results within a typical period of time. The highly-skilled Alallam Cleaning’s A/C Cleaning staff also use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that guarantee the safety of people living or existing in the facility and the protection of the surrounding environment. Not only that! Rather, we at Alallam Cleaning Company in the UAE offer affordable prices that fit the varied financial capabilities of our clients.

Tank Cleaning

  • Professional Tank Cleaning Company

    Alallam Cleaning in the UAE is a certified company offering professional Tank Cleaning Services for clients in Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and all other emirates. We possess deep knowledge and vast experience in Tank Cleaning requirements and the effective procedures to conduct cleaning in line with the international standards and clients’ specifications. Alallam Cleaning Tank Cleaning experts have extensive, practical capabilities to clean tanks of different sizes and for buildings’ of varied purposes like industrial, commercial, residential, etc. They follow systematic steps in providing Tank Cleaning Service, starting with the project planning and engineering and ending with vapour recovery and degassing. Not forget to mention that Alallam Cleaning Tank Cleaning Service is offered with high quality and reliability, low risk, and minimized costs for our dear clients.

  • The Best Tank Cleaning Service in the UAE.

    Tank Cleaning professionals from Alallam Cleaning in the UAE are well-trained and determined to handle all pressures and works required to deal with tanks of different sizes, ranging from routine, simple tasks and up to complicated, high-volume projects. Our Tank Cleaning Service encompasses cleaning all tank designs and dealing with all related materials, including petrochemical feedstock, asphalt, crude, black oil, waste water, sour water, asphalt, finished products, etc. In order to ensure our client in Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, and all other emirates a comprehensive Tank Cleaning Service that keep them safe and satisfied as possible. In addition, our long experience in Tank Cleaning guarantees our credibility to deal with all tank-cleaning related issues you may encounter, like the high levels of sludge, restricted access to critical materials, and tough requirements for recovered projects. Alallam Cleaning is always here for help.