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Avoid Toxic Substances In Your Residential Cleaning Products

It is easy to just pick up the first residential cleaning services products that you see in store aisles for that much needed home cleaning. Or you can choose among the very best cleaners by asking or doing a little research. There are countless household items in stores to choose from. However, if you dig deeper, you might just find out that these store-bought cleaning products are actually not good for you, or for animals and the environment.

They are shockingly filled with dangerous chemicals, which may be the reason why they are so effective. But the consequences of using them are quite serious. No wonder many homeowners are choosing to leave their cleaning needs to professionals at cleaning company names, including Alallam Cleaning. This is what Beth Greer, author of Super Natural Home and a professional consultant for home and office detoxification, has found out. And it nearly cost her personal health.

Toxic Substances in Household Cleaners

Greer, unfortunately, grew a tumour in her chest from all her exposure to toxic substances in and out of her home. Her healthy lifestyle was not enough to keep her free from disease. But knowing where her condition came from made her take steps to live toxin-free. And she began by throwing out the cleaning products she uses at home, which actually contain many dangerous toxins:

  • Perchloroethylene – a neurotoxin and possible carcinogen
  • Triclosan - promotes the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria; may disrupt endocrine functions; potential carcinogen
  • 2-Butoxyethanol - contributes to narcosis, pulmonary oedema, severe liver and kidney damage
  • Phthalates - endocrine disruptors
  • Quarternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats) - same as Triclosan: grows antibiotic-resistant bacteria; skin irritant
  • These are really scary effects that toxic chemicals in cleaning products are capable of producing. Fortunately, you can ditch them for something safer.

Safer Alternatives to Harmful Cleaning Products

Being aware of the toxins found in cleaning products is a great way of starting a life free from toxins. Throw your chemical-filled cleaners away and make use of these alternative ways, instead:

  • Upholstery cleaners containing Perchloroethylene can be replaced by cleaning using water-based technology. Undiluted castile soap is also helpful in removing stains on upholstery
  • Avoid Triclosan-containing products by using simple soaps and detergents that are not anti-bacterial
  • If you are cleaning your windows, do it using newspaper and diluted vinegar. You can avoid the toxic 2-Butoxyethanol this way
  • Use essential oils as air fresheners or simply avoid scented products since they usually contain Phthalates
  • Since fabric softeners have Quats, don’t use them at all. All you need is a little vinegar, which is a natural fabric softener

These methods for your house cleaning services are completely safe and toxin-free. Plus, they are easy to use and incorporate in your life, not to mention cheap. But for that deep clean that your home really needs, you can always call Alallam Cleaning and take advantage of their green cleaning methods that will thoroughly clean your home and leave it safe for you to live in.