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Are Your Cleaning Products Responsible For Health Problems?

Have you been using store bought upholstery cleaners and other household cleaning products for a while now? And what is the status of your health? If you’ve been feeling less than a hundred per cent, your cleaning products may be the reason for it.

Cleaning Products and Their Effect on Health

Beth Greer, the author of Super Natural Home, a book about toxin-free living, suffered from shoulder pain that radiated down her arm and into her fingers and was diagnosed with a tumour in her chest. She lived a healthy lifestyle. And since tumors were a result of irritation and inflammation and she was a typically healthy person, she found no reason as to why she would grow a tumour in her body.

She opted out of surgery and decided to help her body heal naturally. So she started getting rid of toxins around her. And to her surprise, the conventional household cleaning products she had in her cabinets, that she used to deep clean her home as well as for everyday cleaning, had the label “hazardous to humans and domestic animals”.

That definitely spells toxic and dangerous. No wonder she became sick! And so, she threw those products away, including her personal body products and cosmetics, and avoided all processed foods completely. She began a life free from toxins. Lo and behold, after nine months, her tumour was gone! This she attributed mostly to the absence of toxins in her life.

Greer wanted to share her experience and consults professionally with others who want to live toxin-free, especially in their homes and offices. And learning about the harmful chemicals in cleaning products, which, unfortunately, had very few federal regulations on their safety, is a great way to start. By being aware of the substances that are dangerous to living things, we can find other healthier and safer alternatives.

Here are some of the worst chemicals found in cleaning products that you should avoid altogether:

  • Perchloroethylene:

    a common ingredient in upholstery cleaners, this harmful substance is a neurotoxin.

  • Phthalates:

    found in scented household products like soap, this chemical causes endocrine problems and may reduce male sperm count.

  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds:

    antibacterial household cleaners usually have these chemicals in them. Unfortunately, they breed antibiotic resistant bacteria and are also skin irritants.

There are many organic products that are environmentally friendly, which you can use in place of those toxic ones. Or, you can make your own natural products. Moreover, there is an eco-cleaning company called Alallam Cleaning in the UAE that can help you clean your place up in the best way possible. Alallam Cleaning only uses 100% organic cleaning methods that will satisfy your need for a toxin-free life.